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/christian-news/2020/12/this-is-how-the-world-will-worship-the-beast-the-commie-cv19-vaccines-can-edit-the-human-brain-hell-is-real-and-the-cv19-vaccines-will-make-sure-that-those-who-take-them-will-be-cut-off-from-god-f-2591107.html. Hal Lindsay, Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler were all leaders in coercing believers into supporting a false religion (Babylonian Talmudic Judaism), and a state of Rothschild (Israel) that oppresses most of its citizens (Palestinians). /prophecy/2020/11/ashton-kutchers-human-trafficking-organization-thorn-connection-to-jeff-bezos-and-the-clowns-in-action-awesome-video-2515989.html. It is better to trust in God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob than to put confidence in man. According to John Todd, The Satanists paid Chuck Smith $8 million to infiltrate the church with Jesus Rock Music. Examination of Tutankhamun's body has also revealed deformations in his left foot, caused by necrosis (poor blood supply) of bone tissue, this may have forced Tutankhamun to walk with the use of a cane, many of which were found in his tomb. Excellent Videos By Brendon O’Connell! Insurrection Act – PART 1 – Fact or Fiction? “we ARE god’s chosen people. /christian-news/2021/01/cdc-death-numbers-expose-covid-hoax-cv-2019-cares-act-h-r-6666-patent-060606-introduced-jan-2019-before-covid-outbreak-sentient-world-simulation-darpa-advisor-reveals-conscious-ai-supercompu-2592198.html. Fantastic video!! Lilith And Other Considerations. Excellent Video Showing How The Devil Tries To Imitate God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob. Where Did The $50 Trillion Dollars Go? /prophecy/2020/07/why-the-lockdown-ian-r-crane-explains-the-real-agenda-brilliant-video-2512815.html, /prophecy/2020/11/trump-to-exterminate-americans-must-see-great-video-2515256.html. Excellent Videos! /christian-news/2021/01/dr-carrie-madej-reprogramming-of-cells-without-informed-consent-ramola-reports-excellent-video-must-see-christians-this-is-your-wake-up-call-2592654.html. The Trump – JFK – Lincoln Connection – All Roads Lead To Rome. Is The Grim Reaper In Trump And Pence’s Immediate Future? The Covid-19 DNA changing vaccine has an RFID chip in it and with the hyrdrogel in the Covid-19 vaccine will fuse to your body and you will not be able to remove it. EXPOSED: Obama’s 3 Head Scars and Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure: The Beast Has Its Head Wound Healed – Revelation 13:3. – The B.H.I doctrines cherry pick, distort and even outright fabricate things in the scriptures to try to make their case. The Communist Objective Behind Immigration Is The Dissolution Of Europe And America! /prophecy/2020/11/the-tall-israeli-that-runs-the-rap-industry-illuminati-satanic-music-industry-exposed-great-video-showing-how-the-rap-music-degraded-the-white-race-to-further-the-jewish-agenda-2515997.html. The Covid-19 Vaccine Is The DNA Changing Gene Altering “Soul Catching” Mark Of The Beast [Revelation 13:15-18]! /prophecy/2020/10/donald-trump-wants-albert-pike-statue-put-back-up-speaks-volumes-as-to-where-trumps-loyalties-lie-trump-was-a-billion-in-debt-to-his-jewish-attorney-worth-more-alive-to-us-than-dead-grea-2515092.html. /christian-news/2020/10/the-awesome-mystery-of-the-hebrew-alphabet-that-reveals-the-mystery-of-god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacob-the-messiah-creation-the-purpose-of-human-life-the-redemption-of-jacob-israel-and-the-end-of-2589822.html. /christian-news/2020/10/face-to-face-with-the-devil-excellent-video-showing-how-the-devil-tries-to-imitate-god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacob-2589959.html. Redemption Through Sin! (See Video). Tutankhamun ruled for 9 years and died very young, at 18, so he is known as The Boy King. Heavily Censored Video. /prophecy/2020/11/the-secret-masonic-victory-of-ww2-documentary-great-video-2515788.html. Great Videos For Learning Who Rules Your Rulers, Who Starts All Wars And Who Is Behind Communism! /prophecy/2020/11/the-truth-in-plane-sight-documentary-the-american-government-is-using-weather-warfare-weapons-to-starve-humankind-and-usher-in-the-jnwo-great-video-banned-on-jew-tube-2515932.html. Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?”  (2 Corinthians 6:14-15), Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? (Jeremiah 11:14). Santa Is Basically The Devil – The More You Know! He ended the worship of the god Aten and restored the god Amun to supremacy. . The country was economically weak and in turmoil following the reign of Akhenaten. - The Flu World Order – Eric Dubay (Documentary Video). Must See! White Genocide And The Zionists Behind It – Attention Caucasians!! Canadian Government Publishes Bid Request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” For Convid. Find Out the Truth. /prophecy/2020/12/microsoft-israel-election-guard-netanyahu-stole-election-trump-goes-after-military-industrial-complex-lockheed-gives-tech-to-iran-russia-china-israel-hyperinflation-food-shortage-2516715.html. /prophecy/2021/01/panicked-area-51-worker-calls-exposing-lying-aliens-nwo-human-extermination-plan-excellent-video-2517477.html, The Mustard Seed Of Life! The Biggest Identity Theft in History, The Parable Of The Wheat And Tares, & The Royal Lineage Of Judah From Adam To Now. Laura Lynn: Only 166 Deaths In Canada Outside Of Long Term Care Facilities For Draconian Lockdowns! Awesome Videos! /prophecy/2020/11/trumps-pedophiles-must-see-great-videos-2515157.html. What Are The Risks Of The Covid-19 Vaccine? /prophecy/2020/11/the-judas-goats-the-enemy-within-america-the-shocking-story-of-the-infiltration-and-subversion-of-the-american-nationalist-movement-author-was-killed-mysteriously-afterwards-explosive-interview-2515815.html. /christian-news/2020/11/the-obelisks-of-josephs-two-sons-ephraim-and-manasseh-pointers-to-the-children-of-israel-awesome-video-2590626.html. /christian-news/2020/12/ufo-aliens-exposed-as-a-masonic-new-world-order-agenda-the-fake-alien-invasion-project-bluebeam-the-crown-the-white-horse-symbolism-this-is-the-end-rapture-scene-fake-news-reve-2591844.html. The War On Truth And Our Rights! /christian-news/2020/12/the-rapture-the-greater-grander-second-exodus-the-144000-saints-and-where-we-are-on-the-tribulation-timeline-we-are-farther-along-than-most-people-realize-great-video-and-analysis-2591021.html. Solarwind Was Intel Killed By Russian Espionage Based In Israel. Operation Radiation – 5G. Great Videos! Awesome Video! Excellent Videos With Dr. Tom Cowan! SUPER BOWL 55 Glorifying The Goat And Worship Of False Idols! /christian-news/2020/11/the-love-hate-relationship-between-jacob-and-esau-christians-must-know-whos-who-today-to-know-their-enemy-awesome-videos-2590252.html. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but. God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob instructed the white race not to live amongst the other preAdamic races and forbid them to race mix outside of the Tribes of jacob – Israel. Excellent Video To Understand The Book Of Revelation! Excellent Video! The Jewish Utopia Written By A Psychopath For Psychopaths That A Jewish Utopia Is Coming But Messiah Jesus Tells Us Otherwise. The Jewish Question Famous Quotes! /prophecy/2020/12/barbara-thiering-unravels-the-riddle-of-the-dead-sea-scrolls-using-the-pesher-technique-in-the-gospels-and-revelation-the-book-of-revelation-contains-a-pesher-and-holy-gematria-code-that-has-now-been-2516098.html. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Great Video! 55 People Dead Already In The US After Getting The “Jab”. Messiah Jesus Is At The Door For His 144,000 Saints In The Harpazo. Excellent Video! Excellent Videos Shaking My Head, /prophecy/2021/01/project-blue-beam-god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacob-shall-send-them-strong-delusion-that-they-should-believe-a-lie-land-of-confusion-order-out-of-chaos-pharmakeia-a-cure-for-wellness-excelle-2517543.html. Masonic Werewolves In Utah. They are Edomites according to their own Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 Edition, Volume 5, page 41. Great Video To Understand The Plan! Anything that is inserted in or on your body or orfices that changes and corrupts your DNA is a Mark of the Beast. /prophecy/2020/12/warning-the-mark-of-the-beast-666-is-here-the-covid-19-vaccine-is-the-dna-changing-gene-altering-soul-catching-mark-of-the-beast-revelation-1315-18-must-see-video-2516095.html. /prophecy/2020/10/the-evil-luciferians-are-using-the-holy-bible-playbook-as-their-playbook-awesome-videos-2514886.html. /christian-news/2020/10/our-nordic-race-focusing-on-the-danger-posed-by-racial-integration-which-has-either-destroyed-or-stagnated-all-nordic-civilizations-in-the-past-by-a-racial-apocalypse-are-they-planning-to-des-2589670.html. We can calculate the mark of the beast using the gematria calculator at: Covid nineteen test = 1218 or 18+12 = 30 or, William Henry Gates III = 1206 or 12+6 = 18 or, Sunday worship is another form of the Mark of the Beast. /prophecy/2020/12/this-is-it-its-officially-here-and-being-given-out-december-15th-look-at-what-our-american-heros-are-about-to-do-for-us-great-videos-by-this-is-a-call-for-an-uprising-2516134.html. Awesome Video! Great Videos! Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story. People Need To Shut Off Their Talmudvision In Order To Find The Truth! Sexual Compromise, Drug Trafficking, Gay For Pay. Bertrand Comparet Provides The Answers To These Disturbing Questions Which Have Misled Many. What Did People In Masks Die From? Great Videos To Understand Who The Gentiles Refer To In The Bible. Found The Book Written On The “Final Solution”. Shame On The Demonic General For Pushing A DNA Changing Vaccine On Us For A Non Existent Virus To Turn Us Into Zombies Like Him! Elon Musk Says Something Bogus Is Going On With Covid. Police State Contagion: US Plan To Use Bioweapons To Impose Martial Law. /christian-news/2021/01/moses-the-mount-and-starships-awesome-video-2592169.html, /christian-news/2021/01/the-greatest-commandment-awesome-video-2592156.html, /christian-news/2021/01/the-second-commandment-excellent-video-2592160.html, /prophecy/2021/01/operation-warp-speed-ahead-the-spiritual-war-for-your-soul-excellent-videos-by-shaking-my-head-enter-the-stars-2517330.html. How To Fake An Alien Invasion | Project Blue Beam. Excellent Videos! Israels Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program. /prophecy/2021/01/bombshell-globalist-new-world-order-plan-classified-covid-depopulation-of-earth-document-read-by-italian-doctor-must-see-banned-video-2517674.html. The Transhuman H+ Agenda By Injection. Your Guide to the Great Reset. Must See Banned Videos!! Double Vision – The Tale Of Two Trumps – Welcome To The Bizarro World! Great Videos By Pastor Peters! Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) “Exterminate All Non-Jews”. When They Said 3 Weeks To Flatten The Curve They Actually Meant A World Prison State Forever More – The Crowhouse. Awesome Video! The Biderman Report of 1956 and Covid-19 Similarities. energy. /prophecy/2020/12/bill-gates-big-prick-exposed-for-what-it-is-the-ju-jab-will-not-only-corrupt-your-dna-but-will-target-your-testicles-excellent-videos-2516496.html, Calculation of the Mark of the Beast Using Holy Gematria, Here is wisdom. /christian-news/2020/10/the-seed-of-hate-how-the-lying-jewish-owned-media-turns-the-christians-into-terrorists-great-video-2590025.html. Great Video. CDC Admits Covid Death Rate For Healthy People Is Miniscule. Excellent Videos! The Full Europa Documentary Details The Jewish Plans In Detail! Tom Cruise Trying To Save His “Essential” Film, But Saving Small Biz Is Mission Impossible! The Clean & Unclean of GOD’s TEMPLE. Need More Proof They Want To Control You? Breaking News! The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem. The Devil’s Been Busy – He Knows His Time Is Short! Microsoft Israel Election Guard & Netanyahu Stole Election! John Wrote It Very Simple! /eu/2020/12/hellstorm-the-true-story-of-the-nazi-genocide-excellent-video-2665716.html. The Fake ALIEN Invasion Is Coming From Underground! The Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel Found! Some Christians will remain and be sent to slave camps in foreign lands before they are sent by ship to Egypt for the Greater Grander Second Exodus (Deut. Must See Video! Simpsons Reveal That Jew Owned Trump Serves Israel & Betrays America (The Ex Wife). /christian-news/2020/11/dr-wesley-swift-children-of-the-nephilim-and-great-spiritual-treasures-of-the-white-race-the-first-creation-of-the-white-race-on-earth-the-144000-what-happened-to-them-the-sinking-of-at-2590232.html. Our Creator Has His Signature In Your DNA And The Beast Will Leave His Signature In Your DNA After You Take The Covid “Jab”. Excellent Videos! The Missing 425 Years Contained in the Apocrypha That Mysteriously Disappeared From Our Bibles in the 1800s. “Magicians” Prove a Spiritual World Exists – Demonic Activity Caught on Video. EU Lawsuit Reveals Globalist’s Coronahoax Vaccine Extermination Protocol. /prophecy/2020/10/project-blue-beam-the-fake-alien-invasion-to-usher-in-the-antichrist-the-fake-holographic-asteroids-preparing-for-the-day-of-1000-stars-and-asteroids-fabulous-videos-2514977.html. How Obama Won The War Against Christmas And Rolled Out Satan Lucifer Clause. Find Out If You Are Heir To The Covenant. Excellent Video! /prophecy/2020/08/many-will-beg-for-the-covid-19-vaccine-dont-be-a-covidiot-wake-up-its-a-trap-the-covid-19-vaccines-were-prepared-before-the-pandemonium-great-videos-2513096.html. God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob’s Warning to America on 11/9 1965, 55 Years Ago Is This A Foreshadowing Of This Coming November 9th?. His death may have occurred unexpectedly, before the completion of a grander royal tomb, causing his mummy to be buried in a tomb intended for someone else. We Are At Step 5. /prophecy/2020/09/what-does-the-book-of-ezra-foretell-about-donald-trump-with-the-3-headed-eagle-the-federal-reserve-bank-has-3-eagles-on-it-is-the-fed-the-power-behind-the-throne-controlling-america-is-donald-tru-2513815.html, Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:  Malachi 4:5 KJV, And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. /prophecy/2020/11/the-human-history-movie-showing-how-the-nephilim-came-to-lemuria-on-earth-after-destroying-mars-and-then-destroyed-lemuria-only-a-remnant-of-the-hebrews-survived-this-remnant-are-the-144000-me-2515270.html. The Illusion Of Money. Great Video! November 9 Northeast blackout of 1965: Several U.S. states (VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY and portions of NJ) and parts of Canada are hit by a series of blackouts lasting up to 13½ hours. Who Will Be The Future King Of Israel? Moses The Mount And Starships. John Lear & EBE’s, UFOs And The Grand Deception Coming. pathogens and gives you more The American Eclipses Collide at LITTLE EGYPT America! Elon Musk Is Into Everything From Making Rap Songs About A Gorilla To Colonizing Mars. The Beast Has Two Marks! The Neanderthal Roots of the Jews. /prophecy/2020/11/god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacobs-chosen-people-ye-are-the-light-of-the-world-awesome-videos-to-understand-your-heritage-2516023.html. The Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-17), 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Great Videos! /christian-news/2020/12/the-pineal-gland-the-entrance-to-the-soul-and-the-spiritual-light-of-truth-great-video-by-dr-joye-2591270.html. The UN Are Replacing The Western Nations With Radical Islamists To Weaken The White Christian Nations. Wake Up Stupid, It’s The Jews! Awesome Presentation By Claire Edwards! Fabulous Video On Exposing The Truth According To The Holy Scriptures And The Dead Sea Scrolls!! Anyone That Takes The Covid-19 Jab Will Be Turned From The Image Of God To The Image Of The Beast! - Must Video, Tucker Carlson Interviews Gov. /prophecy/2020/11/all-wars-have-been-bankers-wars-britain-helped-orchestrate-ww1-and-ww2-with-the-bankers-against-germany-due-to-jealousy-as-prophesied-great-eye-opening-video-2515656.html. Great Eye Opening Video. /christian-news/2020/10/fingerprints-of-the-israelites-bertrand-comparet-provides-an-excellent-history-of-the-so-called-lost-tribes-of-israel-and-their-identity-today-the-tribes-of-israel-are-not-lost-but-rather-have-los-2589498.html. Can Anything Be “Judeo” Christian? William Henry Gates III = 1206 or 12+6 = 18 or 666. /christian-news/2020/12/you-cant-fix-stupid-awesome-video-to-unravel-some-of-satans-lies-to-christians-the-white-race-2591311.html. “Our Nordic Race” Focusing On The Danger Posed By Racial Integration, Which Has Either Destroyed Or Stagnated All Nordic Civilizations In The Past By A “Racial Apocalypse. The Peoples Intelligence Agency. /christian-news/2020/12/the-promise-of-god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacob-to-adam-awesome-video-2-2591854.html. – Awesome Videos By Shaking My Head And Decode By Enter The Stars! Must See Video! You Will Be Surprised! Welcome To The Grand Illusion! The Truth About Killer Gates and Dr. Fraudski. Helping Each Other By Sharing This Important Information – Already Blocked In Some Countries. /prophecy/2020/10/the-kalergis-united-nations-plan-for-the-white-race-extinction-in-europe-and-america-international-communism-great-video-2514983.html, Fully Vaccinated People Are Free to Fly Commercial Again, Are Foreign & Domestic Enemies Engaged In Non-Kinetic Warfare Against US Since 2020 Election? /prophecy/2020/11/dr-ron-carlson-exposes-the-cult-of-freemasonry-excellent-videos-2515204.html. The Holy Bible states that the House of Israel would be scattered north of the river Euphrates (1 Kings 14:15). Fasten Your Seatbelt! Excellent Video! With Sucharit Bhakdi !! /prophecy/2020/11/elon-musk-says-something-bogus-is-going-on-with-covid-12-step-detailed-covid-19-project-plan-we-are-at-step-5-whistleblower-leaks-years-end-globalists-plan-the-science-behind-t-2515509.html. Whistleblowers: The Covid Doesn’t Exist. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine! England’s Royal Family Polluted And The Kings Of The Earth As Prophesied From The Tribe Of Judah! /christian-news/2020/12/did-eve-really-much-on-an-apple-or-is-the-church-just-trying-to-make-us-all-look-like-fruitcakes-great-video-2591063.html. Revelation 13 and Daniel Deciphered. Who are the Gentiles? Great Video On The Dangers Of The DNA Altering Covid-19 Vaccine! “They’ve Killed God; I Can’t Feel God; My Soul Is Dead” AstraZeneca Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trials after Second Volunteer “Develops Neurological problems” Great Video By ” Great Video By RFB! The Shocking Story of the Infiltration And Subversion Of the American Nationalist Movement. Excellent Video! Excellent Videos! Great Videos! The Zionist Conspiracy Full Movie. Awesome Videos To Understand Your Heritage! /prophecy/2020/11/symbolism-a-different-perspective-very-interesting-video-2515912.html. Most of the items buried with Tutankhamun have been well preserved, including thousands of artefacts made from precious metals and rare stones. All Wars Have Been Banker’s Wars! How The State Of Israel Censors The Internet – Banned From Youtube! Pharaoh Returning for End Times! Presidents are selected and not elected. Wow! /prophecy/2020/10/kabbalah-sabbateanism-chabad-lubavitch-the-illuminati-awesome-video-2514865.html. Warns Us Not To Take The Killer Covid-19 Vaccine That Has Not Been Tested And Not To Participate In The Distribution Of These “Kill” Shots! Excellent Videos! Awesome 29 min. Awesome Video To Understand How America Was Destroyed From Within! Best 20 Min Video Ever! Heavily Censored! Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” – an open admission that Jews ARE NOT Israelites, because Israelites are the chosen people of the OTHER God – the Christian God – God the father. Time For Melting – The Present Brain Freeze – The Real Virus – The Stupid Virus! /prophecy/2020/11/trump-6-4-trillion-in-mid-east-wars-10s-of-1000s-of-american-lives-to-protect-israel-trump-jewish-founded-u-n-must-hold-jewish-communism-responsible-for-jewish-created-coronavirus-great-videos-2-2515967.html. Meet “The Good Club” | Warren Buffoon and Killer Gates’ Billionaire Think-Tank to Curb Overpopulation – The Good Club Even Have A Cartoon Series To Indoctrinate the Children! Excellent Interview With Dr. Carrie Madej And Jana! /eu/2021/01/warning-about-communism-in-third-world-countries-coming-to-america-this-race-war-between-jacob-and-esau-and-their-descendants-was-prophesied-find-out-whats-what-and-whos-who-to-u-2666342.html, The Noahide Laws In America Which Will Be Used To Decapitate Christians And Patriots! The Corona 5G Virus – Fear Based Programming – An Over Dose Denver Production. Great Video! Awesome Videos By Shaking My Head. Shocker: Covid 19 Test Kits Purchased And Received In 2017 And 2018 By Most World Governments – Awesome Video! In Flu Enza AKA “Spanish Flu” ~ How 50 Million Died In 1918 Due To Vaccines & Mask Wearing! Great Videos! Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue Demolished the Holocaust and Warned of Worldwide Weimar Nazi Global Domination! /christian-news/2021/01/rabbi-confirms-to-pastor-that-sacrificed-babies-are-put-into-the-food-at-mcdonalds-and-matzo-balls-america-is-collapsing-rothshchilds-state-of-israel-must-step-up-as-new-world-superpower-2592684.html. /prophecy/2021/01/jim-willie-interview-stolen-vatican-gold-insurrection-act-part-1-fact-or-fiction-part-2-great-videos-2517663.html. The Secret Origins Of Our World! The Jesuits And The Assassination Of JFK. /prophecy/2020/11/aryan-bloodlines-of-ancient-babylon-history-of-atlantis-and-the-lost-tribe-dragon-bloodlines-and-the-serpent-seed-great-videos-by-robert-sepehr-2-2515760.html. He rejected the pantheon of gods in favour of one god and along … Eustace Mullins Exposes The New Neo-Zionist World Order And Traces Them All The Way Back To Caanan. On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Excellent Video! On the Corner Fringe: Scary Science. These 3 “dicks” are all fallen angels and super evil and they want all non Jews dead. The Jews Themselves Tell Us Who They Are From Their Own Writings! Great Videos! Yet I will leave a remnant, for some of you will escape the sword when you are scattered among the nations and throughout the lands. Urgent Vaccine Information !! Sentient World Simulation Darpa Advisor Reveals Conscious AI Supercomputers Used For Mind Control. Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron as Christians believe in Messiah Jesus and the Jews are antiChrist. Whistleblower Leaks “Years End” Globalists Plan. Great Videos!! Excellent Video! The Mark Of The Beast 666 [Revelation 13:15-18]. Excellent Video! Must Listen! Tutankhamun (sometimes called King Tut) was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt from about 1334 BC to 1323 BC. Excellent Videos. Fabulous Videos! /christian-news/2021/01/professor-dolores-cahill-people-will-start-dying-soon-after-the-first-mrna-vaccination-top-microbiologist-says-covid-vaccine-downright-dangerous-will-send-you-to-your-doo-2592192.html. Donald Trump Is The Great Pretender! The Year of the Dragon Has Arrived And Dark Winter Coming. Isaac Newton’s Prophecy; Crossings And Chaos; “100% PROBABILITY” of Asteroid. Who Are They? Dr Amanda Vollmer: How To Fight Fines And Grow A Spine – Psychological Warfare – The Antibody Theory Is False – The Mutations Explained – Enough Is Enough – Covid Is A Lie. Great Video! 109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250, Gemma O’Doherty: Today They Were Forced To Admit That ‘Covid-19′ Does Not Exist! /christian-news/2020/12/exposing-the-catholic-church-catholics-are-following-the-traditions-of-man-and-not-god-of-abraham-isaac-and-jacob-awesome-video-2-2591103.html. America Without Trump. Must See! Information embedded in DNA Proves The Existence of God. /prophecy/2020/12/the-cias-secret-heart-attack-gun-excellent-videos-2517068.html. Great Videos By This Is A Call For An Uprising! Christians Must Know Who’s Who Today To Know Who Their Enemy Is. The Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel Are Not Lost. Banned Video Watch While You Can!! Recent analysis suggests a dagger recovered from the tomb had an iron blade made from a meteorite; study of artifacts of the time including other artifacts from Tutankhamun's tomb could provide valuable insights into metalworking technologies around the Mediterranean at the time. In Egypt This Swab Up The Nose Was A Punishment For Slaves! Bombshell: Klaus Schwab Tells The Truth About The Great Reset In Harry Vox Interview. Enough Is Enough With Dr. Amanda Vollmer! Proof Covid Was Planned Years Ago !! /prophecy/2020/11/decode-your-reality-exposing-the-occult-amazing-video-2515913.html. Antonio Guterres at the Luciferian UN is the main antiChrist that will be the one world Dicktator that will run the One World Government for the Jew NWO. Explosive Interview With Rabbi (Abraham) Abe Finkelstein About Jewish Plans To Take Control Of The World And Make Everyone Else Their Slave! Alan Horvath Tells Us How To Pitch Our Tent With God Of Abraham Isaac And Jacob Who Knows Our Heart And Will Allow Us, If We So Choose, To Have A Personal Relationship With Him. Does Christianity Discriminate? Two Top Leading Experts Explain the Alien Human Abduction Agenda. Is Trump Planning To Decapitate All Christians And Patriots Like The Eagle On This Hat? The Covid-19 Depopulation Of 2020. Research has showed that Tutankhamun also had "a slightly cleft palate" and possibly a mild case of scoliosis, a medical condition in which the spine deviates to the side from the normal position. Great Videos! Great Video By Dr. Joye! Redacted Official Documentary On Planned Takeover Of The World By Satan And His Children! Americans Are Wondering What They Have “Elected” – TheCrowhouse. Find Out Who This Snake Messiah Is Who The Jews Worship And Who The Jews Are Expecting To Announce Soon To Set Up Their Stinking Jew New World Odor! According to the scientific analysis, when the team opened Tutankhamun tomb, they exposed some poisoned fungi that caused their death one by one. /christian-news/2020/12/100-proof-jews-are-behind-race-mixing-to-destroy-the-white-race-great-video-2591303.html, /prophecy/2020/12/the-zionist-massacres-in-the-last-century-great-video-2516466.html. Woe To You Pastors Who Deceive The Flock And Push The Mark Of The Beast (The Covid-19 DNA Changing Vaccines) On Your Congregation! Re-Education Camp FEMA; The Next Phase Of The Covid Scamdemic; They Tried This Very Scenario In 2010. Great Videos By Robert Sepehr! Dragon Bloodlines And The Serpent Seed. Days Of Noah Reloaded – Hybrids Walk Among Us – A Documentary Alien Disclosure & The Incoming Christ Consciousness False Awakening Exposed. Age of Deceit: 1 Fallen Angels and the New World Order; 2 Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image; 3 Remnants in the Cyber Hive Earth – Great Videos by Face Like the Sun! See full article on the Noahide Laws. The Covid-19 vaccine is guaranteed to change your DNA and make you transhuman. Only the Tribes of Jacob Israel or the white Christian Nations were the Nations that received the Blessings promised by God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to Jacob and his descendants as per Genesis 35:11-12. /prophecy/2021/01/there-are-only-two-choices-for-you-now-will-you-take-the-kill-shot-or-not-biggest-deception-on-the-whole-world-endgame-plan-5g-whistleblower-awesome-videos-by-think-about-it-2517140.html. How To Steal The 2020 Election! Awesome Interview Dr. Day W. Jana! Busta Rhymes Music Video On The Mark Of The Beast Decoded. H.R. For more information please visit these websites. Excellent Video! It is far more astounding than any science-fiction fantasy—and it is absolute reality! The Tall Israeli That Runs The Rap Industry – Illuminati Satanic Music Industry Exposed. /prophecy/2021/01/mass-civil-disobedience-is-spreading-must-see-video-2517838.html. More Proof That Donald Trump (Real Name Drumpf) Is Not A Christian. The Commandments For Israelite Christians Today That We Are All Supposed To Abide By According To The God Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The Second Mark Of the Beast. Great Video On “The Image Of The Beast” Revelation 13:15. Awesome Video! - The Fight Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places. The Fight Against Spiritual Wickedness In High Places. /christian-news/2020/12/the-khazarian-synagogue-of-satan-full-movie-must-see-videos-revelation-29-39-2591192.html. Awesome Videos! /christian-news/2020/12/the-rothschild-controlled-popes-great-video-2591296.html. The Truth About The Moon Landings. Bombshell:  Globalist New World Order Plan: Classified COVID Depopulation of Earth, Document Read by Italian Doctor! The Archaeological News of the Week. The Crowhouse: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse! /prophecy/2020/11/pawns-in-the-game-awesome-speech-in-1958-that-lays-out-the-plans-for-the-third-world-war-coming-to-a-street-where-you-live-video-2515943.html. /prophecy/2020/11/flower-of-life-sacred-geometry-used-in-all-of-creation-by-our-creator-of-heaven-and-earth-who-is-the-ultimate-mathematician-the-144000-is-in-the-flower-of-life-and-relates-to-the-first-creatio-2515304.html, Second Wave Documentary! Awesome Video With Priceless Information And Historical Facts! /christian-news/2020/12/dr-lorraine-day-warns-people-of-the-covid-nonsense-and-that-the-covid-test-may-have-already-done-significant-damage-to-people-awesome-video-2591309.html. The 12 Anisotropic Gems Used For Decoration Of The New Jerusalem. Is There A Surprise Coming? Israel Controls USA – A Must Watch For… All Of Us Goyim! Great Videos! Great Video! Awesome Videos!

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