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Helsinki has two ferry lines, both operated by Suomenlinnan Liikenne Oy. In daytime outside of rush hours the basic interval for buses is mostly either 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes depending on the length and the demand of the line. Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo are all part of the Helsinki system: Helsinki region tickets are valid on buses, trams, the Metro, commuter trains and Suomenlinna ferry. Helsinki boasts a network of trains, buses, trams and an underground which make a car almost redundant. Transport networks by air, rail, road and water are comprehensive and reliable. Metro opened in Helsinki in 1982. The Helsinki Metro, opened in 1982, was the first, and so far the only, rapid-transit metro system in all of Finland. [9][10] Currently the network consists of 345 stations with 3450 bikes. Helsinki's city bike system was opened in May 2016 with 50 city bike stations and 500 bikes serving the inner city area. On most buses, the driver checks tickets as passengers board. Around the city center you can get around by trolley while buses, trains and the metro will take you further out of town. The ferry to the Zoo is not part of the general ticket system. Helsinki is currently the only city in Finland to have a tram system. The cost of an AB or BC ticket for an adult in 2019 is €4.00 if bought from a driver and €2.80 by other means. In August 2013, HSL launched the first trunk bus route, the orbital line 550, formerly branded Jokeri. Survey on perception of quality of life in 75 European cities, "New trunk bus routes 500 and 510 to start operating on 12 August 2019", "City bikes roll in Helsinki next summer", "Kaupunkipyörät kurvaavat tänään Helsingin kaduille: "Mitä pidempään katsoo, sitä kauniimmaksi se muuttuu, Information on public transport in 2009-2010, Helsinki.fi - Information about transportation and maps in Helsinki region, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Public_transport_in_Helsinki&oldid=986781465, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 23:47. The Helsinki Card, also known as the Helsinki Card CITY acts as your ticket for unlimited journeys on public transport around Helsinki including buses, trams, metro, commuter trains and Suomenlinna ferry. The metro is managed and operated by HKL. These places are best for transportation in Helsinki: Which places provide the best transportation in Helsinki for kids and families? The second line connects the mainland to the Korkeasaari Zoo. The same ticket can be used for traveling on buses, trams, the metro, commuter trains and the ferry to Suomenlinna. 50% of commuting trips within the city limits of Helsinki are made using public transport and only 28% using a private car,[2] while 48% of the households have access to a car. For zones ABC it then prices are €6.50 and €4.60 respectively. In 22, 23 and 24 November 2016, PASSAGE project partners gathered in Helsinki to study how to develop better solutions for low-carbon transport and mobility in maritime border regions. Find the best Transportation on Yelp: search reviews of 1103 Helsinki businesses by price, type, or location. AB, BC and D tickets have 80 minutes and ABCD has 110 minutes. For more information, visit the service providers' websites – Helsinki Region Transport and Matkahuolto long distance bus services . Tips: There are two arrival halls in terminal 2. In Helsinki, there are eleven tram lines and work 122 the wagon, and the total length of lines is 84.5 kilometers. [3] Helsinki is also planning to extend the existing metro line from its eastern terminus at Mellunkylä to Östersundom, an area annexed from Sipoo by Helsinki in 2009 for the purpose of building a large new planned community. In addition, many long-distance buses stop at the airport. These regional services have headways of up to one hour and often more limited operating hours. Use the bus, tram or metro and embark on a fantastic trip in Finland! Helsinki is part of Helsinki Region Transport, HRT (Helsingin seudun liikenne, HSL), a joint municipal authority that organises public transport in the Metropolitan Area. Mostly the expansion has been at the cost of HelB.[7][8]. Long-distance trains depart from the Central Railway Station and Pasila railway station to destinations across Finland. It covers up to 14 km from the Central station. The last two mentioned are located next to the central railway station. Helsinki’s airport is about 20km from the city centre. These experiences are best for transportation in Helsinki: What are the best places for transportation in Helsinki? If you are looking to travel in the city center, then trams are the only means of transportation. [5], Internal bus routes of Helsinki can be found almost anywhere in Helsinki. Helsinki City Transport. The transport system offers a vast number of different tickets and several ways to get them. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. Helsinki's tram network has been operated continuously with electric drive since 1900 and it is mostly of a traditional type, with all of the tramways located on the streets, on both dedicated tram lanes and in mixed traffic. Lines from southern Espoo terminate at Kampin keskus, the ones from central Espoo and western Vantaa terminate at Elielinaukio and the ones from northern Vantaa and Kerava terminate at Rautatientori. Helsinki has excellent public transportation. Period ticket offers unlimited travel for the dates paid for. For some parts of the city, even high-density, these buses provide the backbone of the public transportation system. About HSL: Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is a joint local authority whose member municipalities are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. Due to a large area and low population density, the spread of population looks more like an American city, not a European one (but the use of public transport is much higher than in the USA). Two-number regional lines are rare, and thus far only two have been created: 39 Kamppi-Myyrmäki and 74 Hakaniemi-Porttipuisto (IKEA). Zone B covers rest of Helsinki (excluding areas in the east added to Helsinki in 2003) and parts of Vantaa and Espoo and whole Kauniainen. Tram in Helsinki began in 1891year. Such exceptions are present as dedicated lines operating directly from a suburb to another past the centre (for example Helsinki buses 51–54, 56–59). Each metro station and ferry stop, and most railway stations, are equipped with at least one ticket machine. The metro currently serves the eastern suburbs of Helsinki, some areas close to the city center, and parts of southern Espoo. We are doing our best to make HSL public transport as safe as possible for both staff and passengers. Some 345 million journeys are made on HSL's transport services annually. A railway tunnel has been proposed to connect Helsinki with Tallinn, though the proposal is still in the investigation phase. Value is used to pay for one trip, which may contain changes. A service to the Helsinki Airport began in July 2015, when the Ring Rail Line extension to the system opened. One rapidly expanding company is the VR (state rail) owned Pohjolan Liikenne, which has recently been very successful with the tendering. The metro, local trains, trams, ferries, and four bus lines classified as trunk lines use a proof-of-payment system: fare inspectors check tickets on randomly selected vehicles, and charge a fine of €80 and the price of a single ticket to those who do not have one. Hours of operation vary depending on the route. Read more. Under the new fare system adopted in April 2019 the region is divided onto four arch shaped zones: A, B, C and D. Zone A covers the inner Helsinki to about five kilometers from the Helsinki Central Station. R. Rail transport in Helsinki‎ (7 C, 72 F) Road transport in Helsinki‎ (5 C, 26 F) T. Tunnels in Helsinki‎ (2 C, 4 F) W. Water transport in Helsinki‎ (12 C, 24 F) Media in category "Transport in Helsinki". Read more. A number of the local and regional trains run further out to towns as far north as Riihimäki and Lahti and as far west as Karis on tracks shared with long-distance trains. more. The system is managed by Helsinki Region Transport (Finnish: Helsingin seudun liikenne, or HSL) and covers Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and the outlying Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo and Tuusula. The network is composed of 11 lines, all of which except one (line 8) run through some part of the city centre. These are the best places for budget-friendly transportation in Helsinki: Continue your visit to www.tripadvisor.com. Check TripGo for your best option to get where you want to go.. The trunk lines are meant to provide "metro-like" service with very short headways and a distinguishable fleet. It's easy and effortless to travel by train! [6], The routes are drawn and the timetables set by HSL, but operated by independent companies. The regional bus lines are today managed by HSL in similar manner to the management of the internal lines of Helsinki. These are the best places for couples seeking transportation in Helsinki: Which places provide the best transportation in Helsinki for groups? These are the best places for kid-friendly transportation in Helsinki: Which places provide the best transportation in Helsinki for couples? HSL tickets, Journey Planner and transport news about topics of your choice in one place. Even if not, you’ll notice all corners of the country are connected. In 2017, construction started on a tram line in the city of Tampere; services are scheduled to initiate in 2021.[1]. Tram drivers do not sell tickets. Over 50 million trips are made with the trams each year. Cars and trams cross a pedestrian crossing as they share the road as the principal forms of transport in this busy urban scene within the city Helsinki Region Transport provides public transport services between Helsinki Airport and the metropolitan area. There is a land access to the Zoo with bus number 16. These lines tend to use the fastest possible way to get out of Helsinki, usually through motorways. Nighttime lines that operate only from 23:30 to 1:30 (and sometimes early morning) are signified by the additional letter N. Recently the tradition of having designated night routes has been broken and replaced with N-variants of daytime routes. It is totally overwhelming to try and memorize them all. If you have a season ticket, you can expand its … Trains not managed by HSL reach even further, to Lahti, Tampere via Riihimäki and Karis. Travelling easily in the inner city. Public and private transport, Helsinki, Finland. The ridership is typical to a European city, but if Helsinki were in U.S., it would have the second highest ridership after New York. The price of a single trip is lower when paid with the travel card instead of buying a single fare ticket. Local trains operate on grade-separated, dedicated tracks on three rail lines that radiate out from the Helsinki Central railway station. These are the best places for couples seeking transportation in Helsinki: Viking Line - Day Cruises; Tallink and Silja Line - Cruises; HSL Ferry; See more transportation for couples in Helsinki on Tripadvisor At most times, the line numbers are composed of three digits and occasionally a letter or two accompanying them. Many of the buses operating in eastern Helsinki act as feeder lines for the Helsinki Metro. Zone extension tickets. The city’s public-transport system, HSL (www.hsl.fi), operates buses, metro and local trains, trams and local ferries. The ferries are the only connection to the mainland for the residents of Suomenlinna, though a tunnel for emergency vehicle access is in place. Helsinki region has an integrated public transport ticket system. The construction of the long-debated western extension of the metro system into southern parts of Espoo was approved by Espoo City Council in 2006. A single-trip ticket for any HSL transport costs €3.20 when purchased on board (not possible on trains or … Discovering Helsinki has never been easier thanks to modern public transportation. The system is managed by Helsinki Region Transport (Finnish: Helsingin seudun liikenne, or HSL) and covers Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and the outlying Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. The airport code is (HEL) and being one of the largest airports in the region; it serves over 15 million people per year. Users can load period and value on their cards. Transport Public transport. The transport network of Helsinki includes trains, buses, trams, metros and the Suomenlinna ferry. Whether you travel by plane, train or car – we ensure you will get where you were going. The quality is measured with a pointing system which gives points for such aspects as the quietness, environmental efficiency and the size of the buses that would be used. Discover the best transportation in Helsinki, Finland including Train Station, St Peter Line, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. [4] Trunk lines 500 and 510 started in August 2019. The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. HSL card. Zone D covers most of Sipoo, Tuusula and all of Kerava in the northeast, and Siuntio and Kirkkonummi in the west. Most routes offer rapid-transit-like service with a peak headway of 10 or 15 minutes, the last trains departing from Helsinki city center only after 1 am, or 4 am on weekend nights. Two zone single trip tickets are valid for one 80–110 minutes depending on the zones used. Metro. One line departs from Market Square and the other from Katajanokka. The network is managed by HSL and operated by VR. The line numbers for the internal lines contain two digits and for some a letter. One ferry connects Suomenlinna to the mainland. Rome2rio makes travelling from Tallinn to Helsinki easy. The city of Turku dismantled its tram system in 1972, and Finland lost the city of Vyborg to the USSR in World War II and the city subsequently withdrew its trams in 1957. The system was expanded in 2017 to cover an additional 100 stations and 1000 bikes. One can also buy three or four zones. Most lines are operated between 5:30 and 23:30, the most popular between 5:00 and 1:30. Partly due to lack of trams or rapid transit outside the Helsinki Region, the ridership in other cities in Finland is significantly lower. Larger metro stations have their own feeder bus terminals. Find all the transport options for your trip from Tallinn to Helsinki right here. The network covers the densely populated central districts and some of the adjacent areas, but it has been expanded only very modestly after the 1950s. Your ticket to ride! "Great public transit system in central Helsinki gets you from Market Square, Senate Square, central shopping district (including Stockmans), "The HSL app is great, calculates routes, has real time information as to when the bus/trams arrive even in advance, which is great for planning trips (to the airport, ferry, "We had comfortable seats, had a great lunch in the, "One of the best things is that all official formalities (checking of passports, customs, etc...) are done on the train, while it is rolling along, by, "clean, fast and always on time, nice stations, interesting decorated, very, "Helsinki tram 5 (light rail) works well with a stop at the, "... to Helsinki.The ship is brill, food top notch, every where clean and staff brill.Toilets exceptional, the ship is the best id been on and would certainly go again.Good crossing, well organised on, "I was very impressed before ever seeing the ship - the communication before travel was excellent, the port is modern and easily accessible by public tram, the check-in is easy and high tech, and the, "I’m so happy to see that we finally have a convenient, "The ferry was very nice and reasonably priced for, "This entitled us to a free scrumptious buffet breakfast included with the room and most importantly priority, InterContinental (IHG) Hotels in Helsinki, Hotels near Uspenskin Cathedral (Uspenskin Katedraali), Hotels near Helsinki Central Railway Station, Hotels near Tallink and Silja Line - Cruises, Hotels near (HEL) Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Tallink and Silja Line - Cruises: Tickets & Tours‎, Viking Line - Day Cruises: Tickets & Tours‎, Ring Rail Line - Helsinki Airport Rail Transfer: Tickets & Tours‎, Plaza Premium Lounge Helsinki: Tickets & Tours‎, MOBY SPL (ex. The operating hours for regional lines are similar to those of internal lines, but the departures are often not as frequent. HKL Tram Unit operates the tram transport ordered by the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the trams. [11] If a passenger has forgotten his/her Travel Card with valid travel period, the passenger may later visit a service point of the transport company and will not have to pay the fine. Finnair City Bus Finnair City Bus transports passengers daily every 20-30 min between Helsinki City and Helsinki Airport. The tram system is managed and operated by HKL. Two pioneering transportation schemes of this kind are being tested in Finland, with promising results. Viking Line - Day Cruises. The biggest bus operators are Nobina Finland, Veolia Transport Finland and Helsingin Bussiliikenne (HelB). The eight-station first phase was opened in November 2017. The annual ridership in 2018 was 3,218,800. Zone C covers the east most parts of Helsinki, rest of Espoo and Vantaa, including the airport, and small parts of Sipoo and Tuusula. December 10, 2020 14:30 Anton Stoyanov Source: City of Helsinki In the Finnish capital of Helsinki, smart solutions and Christmas spirit complement each other. In Helsinki there are many different ways to go around and even reach the areas off the beaten path. ... identified by letters A, B, C and D, spreading out from the center of Helsinki. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. You can use the Journey Planner (Reittiopas-palvelu) service to search for information on routes in the Metropolitan Area. The regional lines are specially designed for moving people between important points in the metropolitan area and for the sole purpose of getting to downtown Helsinki. Electric trams there since 1900. Intercity trains offer connections to major Finnish cities and international services to Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. The second orbital trunk line, number 560, opened in August 2015. About Helsinki Airport Serving as the country’s primary airport, Helsinki Airport is located in the municipality of Vantaa, just north of the downtown area of Helsinki, Finland.

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