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The tests covered a variety of fields including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, neurology and dentistry.Dr Adriana Maria Marinescu performed Ekeng's heart exam. ".The Romanian authorities shut Puls down for around six weeks until it passed a further inspection. Eight seconds after Ekeng collapsed, his teammate Sergiu Hanca reached the midfielder, pushing past Dinamo winger Dorin Rotariu. Homicide police had attended the hospital the night of Ekeng's death. View the profiles of people named Patrick Ekeng. This is his story.Patrick Ekeng began his football career on a dusty pitch in Anguissa, a neighbourhood in the fourth arrondissement of the Cameroonian capital Yaounde. In the crowd, Mihnea Ionescu, like Danciulescu, was also thinking of Hildan. DEP.Sad news we have lost one of our football family. "Candidly—seems they are covering all possible causes rather than suggesting a clear cause of SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death)," adds Matt Janik, an American cardiologist at Wilmington Health in North Carolina.The usual figure given for the occurrence of.There is no single cause. It seemed to dovetail neatly, but the team was defeated. In the stands, the English fan Carpenter, a trained first-aider from his London job as a postman, saw the medics put the distinctive red case down. Last year Patrice Feussi believed Essombe was in France, unsigned.Ekeng's brother Jacques, who works as a policeman in Belgium, arrived in Bucharest, along with Ekeng's wife, Nathalie, to take Patrick's body back to Africa. ".Dinamo offered to continue to pay out Ekeng's monthly wage until the end of his contract. "Maybe this is faith; I think we're cursed. "I saw him; I was traumatised. The emergency doctor who attended Cameroonian Patrick Ekeng prior to his death in Romania in 2016 has been handed an 18-month suspended jail sentence for negligence. Think of his family and friends. Ekeng's wife was on the phone trying to find out extra information. I was like, 'Come on, bro, move. I was like: 'What's happening? On the evening of May 6 last year, Dinamo Bucharest midfielder Patrick Ekeng ran out wearing his usual No. "I felt powerless and I had a deja vu," he says.From Ionescu's position, the ambulance seemed to move excruciatingly slowly; Ionescu estimated no more than 30 kilometres per hour. "The autopsy report's nonsense," says Sharma. By 11:25 p.m., the heart monitor connected to Ekeng's chest had displayed an isoelectric line—a completely flat readout—for five full minutes. Marcel Essombe announced he was done with Dinamo; he fell into a deep depression and retreated to his room for many days. Ekeng played regularly at Anguissa; his mother and his friends sometimes cheered him on from the sidelines.Officially a "stadium," the pitch in Anguissa is little more than red laterite earth littered with pebbles and rubbish and scored with the fading lines in white chalk. From there he went into asystole, also known as flatline, when there is no activity in the heart at all.After that state had endured for five minutes, the doctors abandoned further resuscitation attempts. They sang songs about Romanian nationalism, as well as the usual verses about Hildan.Among the banners that almost obscured the view out of the enclosure, one showed the late Hildan's moustachioed face in outline. The training ground felt haunted. Condolences to his family. All rights reserved.Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.Pro Soccer Player Patrick Ekeng Dies After Collapsing During Match.He reportedly was untreated at the stadium.Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter.Today is National Voter Registration Day!We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote!Professional soccer player Patrick Ekeng died after collapsing during a home match in Bucharest on Friday, reportedly from a heart attack.Ekeng was given CPR during a two-minute ambulance ride to the hospital, but the vehicle didn’t have equipment that might have helped him.Club director Ionel Danciulescu said Ekeng didn't seem to have any health problems before the game.Ekeng joined Dinamo in 2015. Shocking.Fans and teammates could be seen crying as Ekeng was taken away from the stadium, and mourners gathered outside the hospital.Almost 200 Dinamo fans are in front of the hospital where Ekeng was taken. These measures were, unfortunately, without result.“.Dinamo club doctor Liviu Batinean said that CPR was performed in the ambulance.First medical report is shocking. "We don't train with pleasure how we did before this," he added. "From my point of view, Ekeng didn't have any problem," she told the Romanian newspaper.Cardiac soft-tissue abnormalities—the likely conditions affecting Ekeng—are much harder to detect than electrical faults. The huge cortege included upwards of 100 cars. "He was always such a cheerful guy, always joking," Steven Manas, a 19-year-old footballer with the Scoutte Detection du Cameroun team, tells Bleacher Report. He rolled Ekeng on his side, as though aiming for the recovery position.In the days that followed, the team doctor changed his story regarding his actions that night. As Ekeng settled in at Dinamo, Nathalie travelled over from France to see him periodically. The game was being.It took 2 minutes, 47 seconds for Ekeng to be moved to ambulance. 14 shirt into the tattered stadium fans call 'Groapa,' a … Dinamo eventually determined to wire the funds to Ekeng's own account in Bucharest.In May, Nathalie confirmed in a phone conversation that Dinamo paid for her husband's funeral, but she has received nothing more. Rest in peace. "When you have a cardiac arrest, you need to defibrillate immediately; you need to work immediately on the case," says Arafat. He's there, you're not going to leave him like that as well? "Ekeng is here, watching us. "It's a tragedy that will never be erased from our souls," Danciulescu said.At the time of his death, Nathalie Ekeng was pregnant with Patrick's child. The assistant said Duta wanted to defibrillate Ekeng on the pitch at the stadium but he had shouted at her, saying she was stupid and that as the grass was wet the shock could conduct through the pitch and injure bystanders. They called the office line again with no result. Paul Anton, a Dinamo midfielder, gave a rapid substitution gesture with rolling hands to the touchline.Ekeng's career in Europe was flagging after unremarkable stints in France, Switzerland and Spain. He's not getting up. The rhythm ran between 25 and 28 beats per minute. Ekeng, a 26-year-old midfielder for Dinamo Bucharest, wasn’t given adequate first aid at the stadium, a doctor at the hospital said. Ekeng died aged 26 of a suspected heart attack after collapsing on the pitch playing for Dinamo Bucharest. An ECG test (a device that records the electrical activity of the heart through electrodes placed on the skin) found Ekeng "cardiologically normal," though Marinescu noticed "certain peculiarities" and recommended Ekeng subsequently undergo an echocardiogram—another test of the action of the heart using ultrasound waves—at a centre of the club's choosing.Two days later, on January 14, Medas, a private clinic in Bucharest, performed the echocardiography; it was normal. When they received no answer, they went down in person.According to Dusciuc and Pop, the compound appeared deserted. Patrick Claude Ekeng Ekeng, né le 26 mars 1990 à Yaoundé et mort le 6 mai 2016 à Bucarest, est un footballeur international camerounais évoluant au poste de milieu de terrain. Ekeng, a 26-year-old midfielder for Dinamo Bucharest, wasn’t given adequate first aid at the stadium, a doctor at the hospital said. Ekeng inherited his apartment from Patrice Feussi, another Cameroonian footballer, who had played for Dinamo until late 2015.Language was an issue. "They were like brothers," Feussi tells Bleacher Report (Essombe did not respond to a request for an interview). Sports minister Bidoung Kpwatt represented Cameroon's president, Paul Biya. Seven per cent had already fallen off his prospect of survival.The Volkswagen turned right onto the athletic track that girded the pitch—tailgate open as it drove. In French, the banner reads: "A lion does not die, he sleeps. Two days later, however, by which point the medical response was facing increasing scrutiny, Batineanu.Conversations with several experienced cardiologists have taught me Batineanu's second claim is unlikely. Yet the ambulance from the game the previous evening, the Volkswagen with plate B973LTD, had "Type A Ambulance"—the least well-equipped category—stamped clearly on its bodywork.By far the most damning finding came from the defibrillators. 11, in white, and Ekeng's No. It was clear the case was not a murder, but the newly opened file went to Marian Trusca, a young Bucharest prosecutor who had built a reputation dealing with killings.The authorities intercepted a call in which the ambulance assistant spoke to a member of his family; he was swearing and cursing about the behaviour of Puls doctor Elena-Mihaela Duta. Pop explained his powers of investigation, and the director of the company finally appeared from within; he said he was bombarded by media calls and had sequestered himself, but was subsequently co-operative.Dusciuc and Pop began their inspection, and the findings were immediately damning. There was medical waste inappropriately stored in yellow plastic bags; there was dirt. ".That July, when Ekeng signed a three-year deal with the club, Le Mans ranked in the French first division. Around the sides of the pitch, women lay out blankets covered with deep green ndole leaves, a popular ingredient in Cameroonian cuisine. "When I heard the news, I couldn't believe it at all that he was dead," Steven Manas, the 19-year-old Scoutte Detection du Cameroun player, says. "I just see what's happening; he's on the floor. Professional soccer player Patrick Ekeng died after collapsing during a home match in Bucharest on Friday, reportedly from a heart attack. He found nothing.Forty-six seconds after Ekeng's collapse, a small-wheeled buggy equipped to stretcher players off the field arrived. He underwent the same examination all professional footballers in Romania receive. After the incident at White Hart Lane, Sharma went back and examined Muamba's original screening results. I cannot believe this. A few minutes later, Marcel Essombe arrived. Turea explained that a friend of his made it after Ekeng's death, looking to combine the two dead Dinamo men in one device. Valentin Lazar, another midfielder, raised both hands, one holding a water bottle, and shouted. "It was something like the respiration of a pig," Hanca tells Bleacher Report.Liviu Batineanu, the Dinamo team doctor, arrived on 10 seconds. Eventually Pop dialled the emergency number stencilled on the sides of the ambulances parked up in the compound: 3-1-1. Duta and a male assistant, both dressed in white coats and carrying holdalls, ran forward separately. At a Bucharest shopping mall, Feussi showed me photographs of Essombe, Ekeng and himself hanging out after games. Via her lawyer, Duta turned down a request for comment. To detect them would have required a cardiac MRI scan, an expensive procedure rarely given to footballers.Romanian medicine did not cover itself in glory when it came to both the handling of the footballer's death and the subsequent investigation. ".Hospital records show that after Ekeng arrived doctors performed chest compressions and administered adrenaline, along with the anti-arrhythmic drug amiodarona and the beta-blocker Betaloc. Marinescu inserted the result in Ekeng's records; the midfielder received a six-month medical approval.Marinescu was adamant the tests were clear. The first payout was delayed as Dinamo did not know where to send the money. In one they were smoking shisha. His knees bent before he tumbled backwards. According to Ionescu, when the alarm reached her, she threw down the popcorn and started to run, zigzagging first towards the ambulance, a converted Volkswagen Transporter van, and when she realised that was already moving, turning back towards the pitch.Almost a full minute passed between Ekeng's collapse and the ambulance starting to move.

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